Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Congratulations Kate!

The Emperor's Daughter

by Kate Welshman

Out NOW!

A short story in our Raw Erotica After Dark Imprint

The Summary:
Paulina is the illegitimate daughter and worst-kept secret of the Roman Emperor Sabinian. They have each lived separate lives since Paulina’s conception, but when Sabinian falls ill while leading the Roman army in the farthest reaches of the Empire, he summons his daughter from her comfortable villa in Rome to his makeshift bedside on the battlefields. Reluctantly, Paulina, who’s never even left the precincts of Rome, agrees to make the perilous trip.

On the carriage ride into the pine forests of Germania, Paulina is accompanied by Sextus, a burly officer of the Praetorian Guard.  Though initially terrified of him, Paulina finds solace in Sextus’s strong arms. And it is Sextus who reveals to her the true purpose of the journey. Sabinian wants to seal her future before he dies, but the headstrong Paulina has always been steered by her own wishes and desires.

Sextus fulfills his brief and delivers Paulina safely to Sabinian, fighting off wolves and barbarians along the way.  But the first and last meeting of father and daughter seems doomed to fail. Will Paulina respect the Emperor’s dying wishes or follow her own heart?

About the Author:

Kate Welshman is an Australian author, wife, and mother of four children. She had several careers before becoming a full-time writer, as a barrister (trial attorney) and a horse riding coach. Her first young adult novel, Posse, was published by Random House in 2009, and she will release a range of titles in 2013 and 2014. Kate lives in Glenorie, New South Wales, on a horse farm with her family. She loves horses, dogs, cooking, and reading.

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